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Diplomate Courses in Nutrition


D. Requirements

1. The applicant must hold the degree of Doctor of Chiropractic from a CCE accredited college (USA) or its equivalent.

2. The applicant must show evidence of having successfully completed a post doctoral program in nutrition of three hundred (300) credit hours, part of which may be a Master’s Degree in nutrition, from a chiropractic college, university, institution, foundation or agency whose program is approved by an accrediting agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education, or an agency having a reciprocal agreement with the recognized agency. The chiropractic college, organization, institution, foundation, or agency from which the applicant has completed his/her course of study must certify to the Board that the applicant has satisfactorily completed three hundred (300) credit hours of post doctoral instruction in nutrition.

3. The applicant must possess a license or registration to practice chiropractic and be in good standing with the respective licensing/registration agency.


Current 300 hour Nutrition Diplomate Programs

Northwestern Health Sciences University

Contact Continuing Education department:  952.885.5446

Online program

Twenty-one 14 hour classes on line

Two 14 hour classes  live (Class 11 and Class 23) on campus for examination

Each is a stand alone class on a specific topic and can be used as part of recertification hours for DCBCNs

Master of Science in Nutrition or Clinical Nutrition

There are several Master Degree programs available that are most appropriate for doctors who want to teach at college level or do actual research.  Depending on the structure of the program, they will also take 2 years to complete.

Those holding a Masters in Nutrition degree may sit for our examination.

Currently University of Bridgeport and New York Chiropractic College offer these programs


UPDATE RE: Functional Medicine University and Northwestern Health Sciences University:

The CBCN accepts the Northwestern Health Sciences University official transcript from the online Nutrition Diplomate program for meeting the educational requirements to sit for the Diplomate examination.  NWHSU accepts the official 200 hour transcript from the Functional Medicine University program when successfully completed.  Doctors of Chiropractic who want to sit for the CBCN Diplomate exam will need to take and pass the following courses in the Nutrition Diplomate program in order to have the required number of hours.  See list below:

Series I

Class #1 intro--Consultation, examination, diagnosis and documentation and writing an original research paper suitable for publication. (includes 2.5 hours risk management).  Required class

Class #4 Drug-nutrient, nutrient-nutrient interactions, contraindications and risk management (includes 12 risk management hours).

Class #7 Nutrition in infancy and adolescence

Class #10 Geriatrics and longevity (includes 3 risk mgmt. hours)

Class #11 LIVE CLASS ON CAMPUS: practice management, label reading, research paper presentation and Series 1 written exam).  Required class.

Series II

Class #14 Herbal medicine:  introduction and clinical applications (includes 1 risk mgmt. hr.)

Class #18 Use of homeopathic preparations in nutrition practice (includes 5 risk mgmt. hrs.)

Class #23 LIVE CLASS ON CAMPUS: Metabolic radiology (includes 3.5 X-ray hours).  Present two case histories and take written and practical examinations for Series II.  Required Class.