D. Requirements

1. The applicant must hold the degree of Doctor of Chiropractic from a CCE accredited college (USA) or its equivalent.

2. The applicant must show evidence of having successfully completed a post doctoral program in nutrition of three hundred (300) credit hours, part of which may be a Master’s Degree in nutrition, from a chiropractic college, university, institution, foundation or agency whose program is approved by an accrediting agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education, or an agency having a reciprocal agreement with the recognized agency. The chiropractic college, organization, institution, foundation, or agency from which the applicant has completed his/her course of study must certify to the Board that the applicant has satisfactorily completed three hundred (300) credit hours of post doctoral instruction in nutrition.

3. The applicant must possess a license or registration to practice chiropractic and be in good standing with the respective licensing/registration agency.

Current 300 hour Nutrition Diplomate Programs

          CE Cruncher - Online Program
Contact Amy Tirpak -

          Parker University
                  300 hour online Functional Nutrition program
                  Contact: Tammy Fogarty   469.580.7142

Current Master of Science in Nutrition or Clinical Nutrition Programs

There are several Master Degree programs available that are most appropriate for doctors who want to teach at college level or do actual research.  Depending on the structure of the program, they will also take approximately 2 years to complete. Those holding a Masters in Nutrition degree may sit for our examination. The following courses are not listed in any particular order:

New York Chiropractic College   
      Kimberly McCrea   717.387.3146
      36 credits (540 contact hours) Online Masters of Science in Applied Nutrition

University of Bridgeport

Logan College

University of Western States

Maryland University of Integrated Health  

Other Post-Graduate Nutrition Programs

College of Integrative Medicine
Certified Integrative Healthcare Practitioner - 300 hr program

Functional Medicine University
Functional Medicine University is nationally recognized as a leader in functional medicine education for the health care professional and CEUs and certificates of completion are provided by Southern California University of Health Sciences

John Patrick University of Health and Applied Sciences
Master of Science in Integrative & Functional Medicine- Nutrition
Format:  Online
Dr. Michael Dubanewicz- Dean School of Nutritional Health