Recertification Requirements

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1. In order to enhance continued competence, all diplomates must complete a minimum of 12  credit hours of continuing education in nutrition each calendar year in a program of study approved by the Board.

As of the 2018 re-certification period, the CBCN will accept required continuing education recertification hours offered by an accredited institution of higher learning or approved by the Certificant's respective physician/chiropractic state licensing board, that address one or more of the topics listed in the Responsibilities of a DCBCN section of the CBCN Handbook.  All hours may be obtained in either live or online format.

The mandatory 12 credit hours of continuing education in nutrition may be waived by the Board if the diplomate:

  • a.  Authors an article in the field of nutrition which is published in an indexed or peer reviewed journal in the year of recertification.
  • b. Elects to have an on site examination (i.e., in the Diplomate's office) including observation of clinical visits, records review and oral responses to questions which will prove his/her competency. The Diplomate will be responsible for the reasonable costs involved in the onsite review.
  • c. Has instructed a minimum of 12 credit hours of education in nutrition approved by the Board.
  • d. Undergoes a rigorous program of self-study and self-assessment in nutrition. See Bylaws for full description.
  • e. Proposes alternative methodology of recertification to the Board that will demonstrate enhanced continued competence. Such proposals must be in writing to the board and must be accepted by the Board as fulfilling criterion for recertification before being implemented.
  • f. May utilize any combo of items a through e, approved by the Board.

2. In order to enhance continued competence the diplomate must certify to the Board that they have reviewed a minimum of 12 articles yearly in the field of nutrition published in indexed peer reviewed journals. The diplomate must provide the Board with the names of the articles, author(s) and journal citations when requested by the Board.

3.  Pay the recertification fee (currently $125.00) on or before the 31st of December each year.     You may pay online via PayPal (to

4. Complete the Recertification form (Download Recertification Form)

5. Provide a copy of the transcript /certificate showing attendance from the sponsoring college or university or verification, if used other recertification method, must accompany your annual recertification fee.

6. Delinquent Penalties  If requirements are not received by December 31st:
    a) If you completed your 12 CE hours before the deadline, but submit late, there will be a $250.00 penalty
    b) If you fail to earn your CE hours before the deadline, there will be
12 additional CE hours required (for a total of 24 CE due).

Completed recert form and official transcript may be emailed (, faxed to 561.370.6214 or mailed to:
     c/o Dr. Rice
     4360 Northlake Blvd. #209
     Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410

Acceptable Courses

Any nutrition course sponsored or co-sponsored by a college or university accredited by the U.S. Department of Education, or an agency having a reciprocal agreement with the recognized agency will be accepted for continuing education this year. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Diplomate in Nutrition classes
  • Masters Degree in Nutrition courses
  • College of Integrative Medicine online courses
  • Functional Medicine University online courses
  • Council on Nutrition symposium
  • Council on Diagnosis and Internal Medicine symposium
  • Local state association conventions sponsored by a college or university
  • Seminars promoted by supplement companies that are sponsored by a college or university
  • University & college courses on the topic of nutrition

**The exception to the 4 hour online requirement is:  Any college sponsored on-line Diplomate or Master's program.

Should a diplomate wish to have a class/course other than those listed above considered for approval in meeting the requirements, it will be necessary to have the presenting entity fill out and submit a Recertification Requirements Approval Request, along with the required fee, at least 90 days in advance. Submitting a request does not guarantee it will be approved.

These courses are sponsored by other companies, but CE credit is granted through one of the colleges.
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