Chiropractic Board of Clinical Nutrition

    The Chiropractic Board of Clinical Nutrition (CBCN) was founded in 1986 and is the credentialing and certifying agency of the chiropractic profession.


    To secure, protect, and advance clinical nutrition in the chiropractic profession while serving to enhance the health of the people we serve and the population at large.

    The CBCN operates under the auspices of the American Chiropractic Association (ACA) and as a member of the American Board of Chiropractic Specialties with full autonomy in the areas of testing standards and procedures.

    The CBCN is authorized and recognized to issue the specialty certification Diplomate (DCBCN) to Doctors of Chiropractic in the field of Clinical Nutrition.


    A diplomate of the Chiropractic Board of Clinical Nutrition (DCBCN) is a licensed chiropractic physician who has successfully completed a post‐doctoral program in nutrition of at least three hundred (300) credit hours from a chiropractic college or university, institution, foundation or agency whose program is approved by an accrediting agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. The topics of study required are delineated in the by‐laws of the CBCN. In addition, the diplomate has successfully passed the certifying examination administered by the CBCN. 


    Cortney Dice 
    Dr. Dice has been in practice for 7 years and graduated from Logan College of Chiropractic. Her interests in nutrition include: autoimmune disorders, cancer, weight loss, renatal/preconception, fatigue, chronic infections, immune system boosting. She can be found in her office in Durham, North Carolina.

    Laura Connor
    Dr. Connor hails from Crandon, Wisconsin.

    Start thinking about your 12 hours of CE credits NOW!

    There are many accredited programs all over the country and several online classes!

    There will be no grace period. All recertification documents are due December 31, 2017, for 2018. You can send in your CE hours as you earn them.

    The ACA Council on Nutrition will hold it's annual symposium April 27-30, 2017, in Tempe, AZ. for more information.
    Offering 16 CE in Nutrition for NEXT year's requirement.

    Diplomate Directory

    The latest directory of Diplomates is uploaded and will be maintained regularly.

    Future Diplomate Exam Dates

         May 15-20, 2017
         November 13-18, 2017    
         November 12-17, 2018




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